Duke Abdel Adrian


Nicknames: Bhaalspawn, Child of Bhaal, Gorion’s Ward

Class: Fighter (Great Weapon)

Race: Human
Gender : Male
Current Age: 131
Hair: Ink Black
Skin: Pale
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6’6"
Weight: 223 lbs


Place of Residence: Roaming
Place of Birth: Unknown

Relatives: The Children of Bhaal
Enemies: The Children of Bhaal, among others
Allies: Jaheira

Occupation: Mercenary and Unwilling Hero
Tradeskill: Leadership


Armor of Choice: Originally, Abdel only wore a shirt made of Chain as his sole armor, however, as time went on and his quest grew more dire it became necessary to equip himself more adequately. He is now adorned in a suit of plate with scales under-laying it.
Weapons of Choice: The Bhaalspawn wields a magical broadsword which flickers with a subtle green light.

Special Abilities: He is a number of minor divine powers, ranging from daily healing powers to the ability to cure poisons. He can also dramatically increase his strength and speed through his divine powers for short periods.

History/Biography: Originally brought up within the fortress library of Candlekeep, Abdel spent much of his youth being raised by the enigmatic Gorion. His foster father, the mysterious scholar would tell the young Adrian little of his past
and even less of his heritage. All he had been told was that he was an orphan and that his history was unknown. As it would soon turn out, this was as far from the truth as it could have gotten.

The time came at last when Gorion told the young man, now twenty years old, that they must leave Candlekeep. His adoptive father would not tell him where they were going, only that he must gather his things with as much urgency as possible. No amount of urgency was quick enough, however, as the powers that sought him had held their gaze upon the Fortress for some time. When the two left the walls, they were beset upon on the road by two Mercenaries.

Though Abdel slew the Mercenaries, his foster father was slain in the process and he was left aimless with only one final parting word of advice from Gorion. That he should seek aid from old friends at the Friendly Arms Inn. So, with this solitary purpose, he set out for the Inn, a fortress in its own right. When he arrived at the Friendly Arms he was greeted by the two Gorion had bade him to meet, the half-elves Khalid and Jaheira, both Harpers.

At the request of the Harpers the group set out for the town of Nashkel to investigate the local iron shortage in the region. Their investigation took them into the depths of the mines to hunt for the source of the corrupted iron. What they discovered was a half-orc by the name of Mulahey who had been poisoning the iron with the aid of his kobold servants. They slew the half-orc, and recovered several clues as to who had sent him.

Following these clues, they eventually came to a solitary architect of all the woes of the region – the Iron Throne company. They were a group of Iron Mongers in the region headed by a man named Raeltar, the adoptive father of another Bhaalspawn, Sarevok. Through their searching they eventually learned that the company had been the cause of Gorion’s death, and they sought to bring to light its corrupt ways.

They were ultimately set up, however, by Sarevok who used them as a means to get away with murdering his adoptive father and taking his position. He was then poised to become a Duke of the city of Baldur’s Gate, which would allow him to orchestrate a grand war between the City and the nation of Amn. His plans were foiled by Abdel when he brought documents before the Dukes of Baldur’s Gate showing Sarevok’s plans.

Fleeing from the Keep that served as the headquarters for the Dukes, Sarevok traveled to an ancient and forgotten Temple to Bhaal beneath the city. Adrian followed him and there the two did battle, Abdel eventually slaying Sarevok and ending his schemes once and for all. He had ended the war before it had began and avenged the death of his foster father.

This would only be the first of many adventures for Abdel, however. Always the unwilling hero, fate was not wont to let him rest on his laurels. Not long after his victory over his brother, a Mage by the name of Jon Irenicus kidnapped Abdel and his companions, and began to perform strange experiments on the Bhaalspawn.

Following his escape, Irencius managed to convince the Cowled Mages who ruled Amn, where his lab was, that they should take Abdel’s companion Imoen for casting unauthorized magic as well. Abdel and his compatriots were not content to allow this, however, and though they could do nothing to stop the abduction they began to explore avenues to track the Mage down.

Through the Shadow Master of Amn, they managed to garner exactly what they needed. The Master of the Shadow Thieves gave them transport to the Island where the Asylum was where the Cowled Wizards stored potentially dangerous spell casters. There, they attempted a rescue of their companion, which was met with treachery.

The Captain of the ship on which they had sailed had secretly slipped a sleeping agent into their food before they went onto the island. When they were confronted by Jon Irenicus, he used his magic to activate the agent placing the group into a deep sleep. In this state, Irenicus was able to perform the last of his experiments on Abdel before taking his Divine Soul from him.

Adrian soon learned that Jon Irenicus had once been an Elven Archmage by the name of Joneleth, who had aspired to join the ranks of the Seldarine. The Elven Gods struck him down for his hubris, stripping him of his Elven nature and leaving him as a mere man. He had taken Abdel’s soul and his power which the Mage’s experiments had awoken and sought to use it to gain vengeance against the gods.

Following his awakening, Abdel was confronted by a terrible hunger, a gnawing pain within him where his soul once was. It was a beast, known as the Slayer, awoken by the hole within him that sought to consume his soul. He managed to control the beast long enough to follow Irenicus, however, tracking him to the Elven city of Suldenessalar. There, Abdel and his compatriots, once again joined by Imoen, slew Irenicus. Each of them was dragged down with Irenicus, however, to the hells following Abdel’s soul.

There in hell, the party was confronted by several tests which Abdel had to pass, each of them testing an aspect of his being and his character. Each test granted him a boon of some power, until at last he faced a great door surrounded by eyes. When the door opened, Irenicus emerged, soon transforming into the Slayer. Adrian and the Mage did battle within his soul until at last Jon was defeated and Abdel had regained his soul.

Yet, as with all things, Abdel would soon be dragged into yet another world saving situation. A group of powerful Bhaalspawn known as the Five had emerged, each with their own armies. These Bhaalspawn were the five most powerful excluding Abdel himself, and they sought to wreak terrible carnage across the Sword Coast, each vying to become the heir to Bhaal’s power. At first, Adrian ignored this war, however unease began to grow within the Elven city where they had been residing, and soon they were asked to leave.

As they convened with ancient stone guardians in the Forests, prophets of destiny, they were ambushed by one of the Five, Illasera the Swift. The weakest of the Five, Abdel slew her easily before being drawn into a pocket dimension. He learned that the dimension was of his own making, which his mind had unconsciously constructed. He began to learn to influence this pocket, a subplane of the Throne of Bhaal. Upon exiting the plane, he emerged within the besieged city of Saradush.

It seemed fate was drawing him into an inevitable confrontation with the Five, for the city was under attack by the armies of the Fire Giant, Yaga-shura. This giant was one of the Bhaalspawn, who held a seeming invulnerability to all attack whether physical or magical. After escaping the city, Adrian sought a way to best this power and found it in the witch who had raised the giant. He learned that by separating his still beating heart from his body, the Giant had made himself impervious and that to break the ward, he would have to destroy Yaga-shura’s heart housed within the Marching Mountains.

Abdel fought his way through the Giant’s stronghold to reach the brazier where his heart was held. He destroyed the organ before returning to the battlefield at Saradush, arriving just as the walls began to fall and the army began to surge into the city. Adrian proceeded to fight his way through Yaga-shura’s army until he came face to face with the Giant himself. The two did battle, before Abdel struck down his formidable foe.

Following his victory at Saradush, Abdel began to track the remaining Bhaalspawn with the aid of the seemingly benign Melissan. He soon tracked down rumors that led him to the lair of a great dragon known as Abazigal – another of the Five. He made his way through the dragon’s lair, slipping past traps and various obstacles until he stood face to face with the blue dragon. Abdel slew the Draconic Bhaalspawn, toppling yet another of the Five.

His investigations soon led him to the mountains in Amn, where he found a quaint farm. It soon became apparent that the farm was in fact a facade used to hide a path to the Underdark, where another of the Five was based out of. Sendai, a Drow Bhaalspawn, led her Drow subordinates in raids against the surface. Abdel battled his way through the Dark Elf armies to reach her sanctum. What followed was a fierce battle, in which Adrian was faced with a foe who had a vast arsenal of magical powers. He ultimately won, however, striking down Sendai before returning to the surface.

Each of the Five had fallen save the last, but the last of the Five was not as blatant or open as the rest. It took Abdel some time until he learned that the seemingly benevolent monk, Balthazzar, was in fact the last of the Five. He traveled to the town where the Monk’s monastery resided, using the aid of an old acquaintance, the Captain that had betrayed them to Jon Irenicus, to slip inside.

Adrian did battle with the Monk, who had rather noble intentions, but misguided ones. Balthazzar sought to slay all the Bhaalspawn and then take his own life to completely remove their taint from the world. Following their battle, Abdel achieved victory, and learned that the one who had orchestrated the Five and brought them together was none other than Melissan… or Amelissan as her true name was.

She was in fact a Priestess of Bhaal, whos seeming aim was to bring all the Bhaalspawn together and convince them to slay one another so that their essence would filter to the Throne of Bhaal and bring about his rebirth. When Abdel traveled to the Throne of Bhaal to confront her, however, he learned that she sought to take the power of the Lord of Murder for herself. He arrived following her initial binding with the power and the two soon did battle. Adrian was hard pressed to face her, for she effectively wielded the powers of a god.

Ultimately, however, the power was not rightly hers and Adrian was able to defeat her. He was faced with two options given to him by the Solar of fate – one, he could take in the power of Bhaal and become a new god. Two, he could allow the essence of the fallen god to be taken to Mount Celestia and imprisoned there for eternity. Ultimately, Abdel had never sought the power of Bhaal, however, and had simply been drawn into everything by the currents of Fate. He chose to allow the power to be imprisoned, returning to Faerun as the last remaining bearer of Bhaal’s essence.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Motivations: Adventure, Freedom
Disposition: Neither Unfriendly nor Outgoing
Outlook: He is a stoic, but ultimately forward looking man

Religion/Philosophy: He doesn’t follow any gods, for his fate has been far to entwined with them as it is. He seeks adventure, and allows himself to be carried along by fate wherever it takes him.

Positive Personality Traits: While he is an unwilling hero, he will generally try to do the right thing by people.
Negative Personality Traits: He has a terrible lust for battle brought on by his heritage, which drives him to a terrible rage in battle.
Misc. Quirks: He often remarks upon an old friend, a Ranger who had a pet hamster.



Duke Abdel Adrian

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